Korean Cuisine has evolved to include natural food that are nutritious as they are flavorful. 

Each dish contains a story & a taste to identify its purpose. 

There is a philosophy we believe in that"food & medicine come from the same root".

With this, we introduce you a world of culinary cuisine of a 5,000 year history.


is a traditional fermented food of Korea, now more & more popular throughout the world. It has many variances, each unique, full of flavors and made differently from region to region. There are more than 200 variances of kimchi but one thing they all have in common: the lactic acids that strengthens the body's immune system. More and more medical journals have praised the effects and even recommands taking them as a healty diet.

Banchan/Namul set

are a variety of side dishes, that are served in meals. Although rice & soup may be served in individual bowls, the banchan's are served in the middle as side dishes to be shared together. Each dish serves a small purpose of accompanying the main dish. Because each region of Korea produce different kinds of wild vegetables, they are 100 kinds of varieties so far.